Risk Management

Risk management at Obertech

Risk management includes the identification, analysis and evaluation of risks, i.e. the exposure of someone or something of value to an uncertain outcome. Obertech takes a proactive approach towards Risk Management within the business setting and as such have set up systems to cover the spectrum of our services to reduce risks and their effects. Our risk management system is a cyclic system which continually identifies, analyses and evaluates possible risks within and outside of the work place in order to predict, prevent and manage adverse outcomes.  

Risk management at Obertech has seven main stages which provide an all-encompassing guide to dealing with all stages of possible risks.

The first step is communication which is key to ensuring that the views and opinions of all are taken into consideration and that all risks are adequately identified. The context of Obertech is also taken into consideration as to define external and internal parameters.

The second step is the identification of areas of risks. Once identified, Obertech will take into consideration the cause of the risk area and the possible impacts it will have. Areas of risk are identified both within and outside of the control of the business in order to account for all possible eventualities.

Once a risk has been identified and the cause and effect have been established the third step is to analyse the risk. This is done to gain understanding of the positive and negative connotations of the risk to internal and external factors. Obertech applies a risk matrix which establishes the level of risk posed by specific situations and hazards. This analyses if action needs to be taken to decrease or remove the possible risk.


The next step is the evaluation of the posed risk. This establishes what is required to change to reduce the risk and draws on the analysis from the previous step to assess the required steps needed to be taken. Obertech takes into account legal requirements in order to assist with decision making for possible future changes.

Risk treatment is where one or more option is selected from the evaluation stage in order to improve, modify and control the uncertain outcome posed as a risk. Obertech selects, implements and assesses controls placed on a situation in order to change the outcome.

The original uncertainty is continued to be monitored and reviewed regularly by Obertech in order to ensure that the controls in place are effective in preventing unreasonable risk. This also allows any improvement if required, as well as the identification of any further risks emerging from the controls put in place.

Below are the summarised steps taken by Obertech to ensure risks are maintained in various areas throughout the business:


Financial risk management:

Obertech group operates a full general ledger reporting system for all of its associated companies. A financial performance report is produced at the end of each month which is discussed with each manager and then analysed by the finance director and/or the CEO. Additional reporting recorded in Nimbus accounting systems.

Quality assurance:

Obertech Group operates a Quality Management System conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 code. This includes Management of the system, control of documents and records, customer needs, purchasing, training and work instructions, inspection and control of sub-standard work, continual improvement, product realisation and divisional procedures. This system is audited annually by the systems manager and by a Telarc approved auditor.

Health and safety:

Obertech Health and Safety policy sets out our commitment to ensure health and safety in the work place. We are ACC workplace safety management tertiary qualified, as well as having Telarc ISO9001:2015, IMPAC and IS Networld certification. The system is audited bi-annually at the minimum by the systems account Manager and semi-annually by a Telarc approved auditor appointed by ACC.


Obertech is committed to protecting the environment through preventative measures throughout all of our practices. We ensure that the acts of the business comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations as set out in the Resource Management act of 1991. Our Products and services are procured, provided, stored, delivered and used in ways that are appropriate from an environmental and legislative point of view. Obertech has extensive procedures relating to the management of dangerous goods and hazardous substances to prevent any damage to the environment.


Obertech is committed to regularly internally auditing our systems, processes and standards. These audits ensure that our Quality Management and Health and Safety systems are effectively implemented and maintained. These audits are also to ensure that we comply with Telarc requirements and ACC workplace safety management practices. Obertech is always looking for ways to improve and internal audits aid in this advancement of the business processes and practices. Internal audits are carried out by Management or the Document controller and are reviewed in Health and Safety meetings.

Business continuity:

Obertech is prepared for major incidents including epidemics and national emergencies in the future should they occur. We have an Influenza pandemic plan as well as an emergency preparedness and response plan which include a business recovery and continuity plan. These plans identify core employees and skills within Obertech Group required to continue the business as usual should there be a significant event causing absence of employees. Obertech uses cloud based IT services which allows protection of information in the case of physical damage. We also have communication plans in place should they be required for contractors, suppliers, key customers and employees.