Obertron Industries Ltd, Obertech’s manufacturing division is based around our Plastic Injection Moulding operation. This is used primarily to service the company’s own requirements for the manufacture our Cobra brand range of flexible conduit and fittings, although some custom moulding is carried out. Other products include the ingenious

  • EASIFIX Flush Box, a particularly popular product used by Electrical and Data Installers.
  • Obertron Cupboard and Pantry Door switches,
  • Earthing Tags and specialist Cable Ties are also popular industry products.

These products are distributed throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific and are available through all leading Electrical Wholesalers.
We guarantee the performance and quality of all our manufacturing products.



AA Door Switch


Cupboard/Pantry Door Lever Switch Available in Black or White.
Supplier Declaration of Conformity

AD Door Switch


Cupboard/ Pantry Door Button Switch. Available in Black or White.
Supplier Declaration of Conformity

Earth Labels


Available in Yellow, Green or Red.






16, 20, 25 & 32MM SupaFlex. Available in Black or Grey.




Easifix Flushbox


The Easifix flushbox is a must for electrical & data cable installers Available in white only.




The Cobra Range


Cobra Loks, Cobraflex, Hi-temp Flex, Cobraclamps, Cobra K Camps, Cobraclips & Connector Loknuts.

Flame Retardant, UV Stabilised Polypropylene, corrugated flexible plastic conduit. General Purpose, cost effective, crush resistant, 0†C to 80†C. Colours: White, Black, Grey, Orange.

The Universal terminator, has quick action and is made to minimum dimensions. Metric conduit threads of 16, 20, 25, 32, and PG 16 (22mm). Flame retardant UV stabilised compound. Colours: White, Black, Grey, Orange.


Hi-Temp Nylon 6-6, UV Stabilised, self extinguishing, corrugated flexible plastic conduit, heavy duty -20†C to 120†C. Colours: Black only.

Self extinguishing, Hi impact UPVC with draw wire. Heavy Duty 0†C to 65†C. Colours: Orange only.

Flame retardant, UV stabilised. Oil resistant, EVA, spiral plastic, ultra flexible soft conduit, -20†C to 75†C. Colours: Black only. COBRA CLAMP
The multi-purpose ‘Hold Me Tight’ and mechanical protector for concealing wiring made from flame retardant, and UV stabiliser, ABS compound 20, 25 and 32mm. Colours: White, Black, Grey, Orange.




High Speed Weigh/Label Transporter

High Speed Weigh/Label Transporter

Automatic Alloy Security Gate

Automatic Alloy Security Gate

Cheese Cartoning Machine


Cheese Cartoning Machine





We tailor our plastic manufacturing solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our services are based around custom-moulding using our inhouse Plastic Injection Moulding Machine. Mix in a little of our ‘can do’ attitude and pioneering spirit and we can devise a quality solution for your business. Our mission is to deliver machinery and equipment which enable you to operate more effectively and hence reduce your bottomline.