Obertech's Detection Utility Plus services offers a wide range of detection services using modern sophisticated detection tools.


We believe that we offer the most comprehensive services including:

  • Pipe and Cable locate – Locate metallic underground services includes Power, Telephone Tracer wires etc
  • Ground Penetrating Radar  – Radar underground services includes Plastic, clay, concrete pipes and nonconductive fibre optic cables
  • GPS – GPS newly installed assets includes water mains, power cables as well as above ground assets
  • Concrete Imaging – Locate rebar in reinforced concrete structure such as pre cast walls, concrete foundations etc
  • As built / processing plans – Provide as-builts or autocad plans for located services and or photos marked out by overhead drone
  • Stand overs – Provide stand overs to contractors that are working in close proximity to important underground services.
  • UAV / Drone – Video recording, Photo capture and surveying